Who can benefit from our residential services?

  • Parents who are too worn out after a full week or more of work
  • Individuals who want to pamper their significant other
  • Busy couples on the run
  • Singles with better ways to spend their time
  • Seniors who deserve to enjoy their retirment

Residential Service Offerings:

We Don’t Make Promises We Can’t or Don’t Intend to Keep

  • Weekly cleaning
  • Bi-Weekly cleaning
  • Spring cleaning
  • Cleaning of vacant buildings

Items affecting the pricing of our services

  • The size of your home
  • The frequency with which you would like your home cleaned
  • Presence of indoor pets
  • Quantity of collectibles or knick-knacks
  • Type of flooring – as different surfaces require different cleaning regimens
  • The number of special services you would like added to your standard cleaning